We are a network of grantmakers who fund in New York and seek to align and leverage a range of community change strategies to improve the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities throughout the state. By coming together, we aim to break down silos and build lasting and meaningful change on issues shaping the quality of life for New Yorkers including good jobs, affordable and accessible housing, transportation, voting rights, quality public education, affordable and accessible health care, and equality under the law for all peoples including the vast and diverse immigrant communities across New York State.

Engage New York offers an important networking, learning and coordination role for funders who are committed to strengthening community engagement and empowerment across New York State.
— Jerry Maldonado, Ford Foundation

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Connect to a network of grantmakers across the state interested in learning and working with each other to drive solutions to improve the lives of vulnerable New Yorkers
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Gain a deeper understanding of the statewide landscape and learn about different programs, models, and policies that can address the challenges facing vulnerable individuals & families
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Learn about and discuss critical issues and opportunities for grantmakers to leverage each other’s efforts
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Gain access to programming including webinars, learning tours, peer sharing, and educational forums
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Connect with nonprofit leaders, advocates, and key allies across New York and nationally

What We've Achieved/ PAST PROJECTS

  • Connecting funders from across the state working on similar issues like lead policy, Census 2020 and supporting potential strategies to promote and advance the work.
  • Informing foundations about new advocacy campaigns, coalitions, and policies that have a state-wide impact.
  • Engage New York, Open Society Foundations, and the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo co-sponsored a funder learning tour in Buffalo, NY to discuss effective and replicable community engagement strategies for advancing an equitable regional agenda that engages the leadership of all community residents. EXPLORE BUFFALO RISING
  • Engage New York, along with the foundation community on Long Island, invited funders from across New York State, to learn about the challenges facing the numerous and diverse communities on Long Island and to discuss potential solutions.  EXPLORE LONG ISLAND FUNDER TOUR
  • Engage New York, with the Ford Foundation, New York Foundation, and Tri-State Transportation Campaign brought together funders to examine the statewide-to-local efforts to repurpose highways throughout New York State. The Highway to Boulevard campaign focuses on replacing highways that run through cities and towns with boulevards and streets that reconnect neighborhoods, foster local economic development projects, and significantly reduce infrastructure costs. In New York State, Highway to Boulevard campaigns are active in Albany, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Poughkeepsie, Rochester, the South Bronx, and Syracuse.  EXPLORE HIGHWAY 2 BOULEVARD TOUR
  • Convened a group of foundation leaders from New York City to discuss the strategies for addressing wage theft including worker-led organizing and mobilization efforts to bring public attention to this issue, outreach activities to education workers about their rights under current labor laws, and legal action against employers to secure judgements on owned wages. WAGE THEFT BRIEFING