Too many New York children are living in substandard, and in many cases, unsafe housing conditions that expose them to environmental toxins that impact their health. Exposure to lead can lead to a life time of health challenges, impact a student’s ability to learn and thrive in school, and can have long-last negative impacts on an individual’s life and family.



In her widely cited article “Childhood Lead Poisoning: Conservative Estimates of the Social and Economic Benefits of Lead Hazard Control”, Elise Gould, from the Economic Policy Institute, makes a compelling argument to mitigate lead (2009). Gould estimates the social costs of lead poisoning include: medical treatment ($11–$53 billion), lost earnings ($165–$233 billion), tax revenue ($25–$35 billion), special education ($30–$146 million), lead linked ADHD cases ($267 million), and criminal activity ($1.7 billion), for a total of $192–$270 billion. She estimates that the cost of mitigating lead hazards to range from $1.2 to $11.0 billion. The economic return in investing in lead hazard control is a return of $17-$221. 

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